Touch of Dawn

Alexander, Earl Gage, is ecstatic at the transformation of his beautiful wife under the control of his Master’s strict hand. Alex is tired of hiding his secret submissive relationship with Lucien from her and wants to include her in their games. The wicked gleam in Henrietta’s eyes after receiving his anniversary present, a night of debauchery with Lucien, and her acceptance of pleasure and pain exceeds his expectations and gives him hope for the future. But although her pleasure in their arms is clear, can his wife accept another man as a permanent part of their lives forever?

Heat Rating: Scorcher



When Alexander, Lord Gage, had been a boy his father and tutors had impressed upon him the need to stand on his own two feet, to never let anyone push him around, or tell him how to live his life. He was an earl. A man people should look up to and take heed of his words. He dutifully sat in Parliament when it met, made friends of other powerful lords and ladies in society, and had even told a joke funny enough that the Prince Regent had slapped his back and laughed along with him.

Yet he knew that wasn’t enough. It gave no pleasure and filled him with anxiety and recklessness. Even his marriage to Henrietta, the woman who had captured his heart and given him two perfect sons, was flawed. Oh, not in societies eyes though. To them he should have had nothing to complain about. However, what mattered to them mattered little to Alexander. He had one purpose in life and that was to please his master, Lucien Maitland.

He winced as the Master’s boot heels dug into the bare skin of his lower back, forcing his hands and knees deeper into the carpeting. He might be a peer of the realm but he relished the discomfort for the joy it brought him. He knew where he belonged now and that was beneath Lucien Maitland’s thumb.

Touch of Dawn will be available at other outlets soon.

  1. Love the cover! I am so excited this one is out now, I cannot wait to get my eye’s on it and continue the story!

  2. Hello Ms. V! Touch of Dawn concludes the Gage’s 5th Anniversary Celebration. The fun now is deciding what to write next – more Lucien or something new? So many possibilities.

  3. Oh, i hope you continue this series… Would love to hear how these three get on…

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