Stroke of Midnight

Henrietta’s marriage to Lord Gage is perfect. On the night they are to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary her wickedly handsome husband has arranged a special event to honor their love. She has no idea what lies in store, but her husband has promised an evening beyond her wildest dreams. Given their sex life involves pleasure and pain, she has high hopes for the evening. But what she discovers is more shocking than she could ever have imagined. Her husband has been keeping secrets about his needs both in and out of the bedroom. His gift will test their marriage, but it will be up to Henrietta to accept the challenge and recreate their perfect world.

Heat Rating: Scorching Menage



When a married woman reaches a certain age she expects to know her place in society. If all has gone to plan, she has married well, produced an heir and a spare for her husband, and can look forward to pursuing her own private life outside her marriage.

Henrietta Adams has done her duty to the utmost of her ability. She married Alexander, Earl Gage, with the appropriate fanfare exactly five years ago, gave birth to George and Henry, now aged four and two, as expected. Members of the ton listen when she speaks and when she holds two annual events each season, a ball and a large dinner for her husband’s most influential friends, it is described as a sad crush.

Yet there is something about her husband and their marriage that no one knows. Alexander has a fondness for telling Henrietta what to do, more than most husbands as far as she can tell. Her obedience, and frequent disobedience, heightens his desire. He liked to tie her up to his bed as he takes his pleasure; he liked to hold her down when he doled out what pleased her most. He loved to impose his will until Henrietta screams out a name.



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