#6_Sunday : The Master #1


Squee. My first Six Sentence Sunday!!

Here’s a snippet from my latest wip: The Master

When a married woman reaches a certain age she expects to know her place in society. If all has gone to plan, she has married well, produced an heir and a spare for her husband, and can look forward to pursuing her own private life outside her marriage.

Henrietta Adams has done her duty. I married the Earl Gage, Alexander, with the appropriate fanfare exactly five years ago, gave birth to George and Henry, now aged four and two, as expected. Members of the ton listen when I speak and I hold two events each season, a ball and a large dinner for my husband’s most influential friends. Yet there is something about my husband that no one knows.

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  1. So what is it about her husband that no one knows? And does she like it? Or hate it? Great set-up. And welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!

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