The Scandals of Gage House

There is never enough time in the day to do all that I want to do. I have been so busy since the New Year began that I haven’t done much writing. But what I have been doing is refining my idea for my next story, tentatively title THE MASTER, and deciding that there is enough potential there to make it a series; The Scandals of Gage House.

The Master is about a married couple, Henrietta and Alexander, Lord and Lady Gage, who have an evolving passionate relationship. It’s their fifth wedding anniversary and Henrietta is expecting her husband to be his usual demanding self in the bedroom, if perhaps a little more determined to make their night one she will never forget. Except … when she goes to meet with him at the appointed hour, Alexander introduces her to Lucien, HIS MASTER. Henrietta had no idea such a person existed in her husband’s life.

When I was brainstorming the characters for The Master I decided to base them on real people. Henrietta is very similar Michelle Pfeiffer as she appeared as the youthful witch in the movie Stardust. But she is loving and trusting even if she enjoys being spanked when she’s naughty.


Alexander is pale like Paul Bettany. He is capable of giving Henrietta what she needs in their marriage, but he prefers to do as the Master orders when it comes to making love to his wife. He has other needs Henrietta knows nothing of. He’s submissive and finds pleasure in less conventional activities.


That is where Lucien comes in. After quite a bit of thinking I decided The Master appeared more like Russel Crowe as he appeared in Gladiator. A physically strong man, a born leader, but one with a guarded heart and a great deal to lose if his relationship with Alex ever came to light. Up until now, Lucien has been content to lead his ‘boy’ in matters of the bedroom from afar. But he desires Lady Gage and an end to his secret life enforcing his will over Alex.


Lucien and Alexander have a long history. Lucien took him under his wing long before Henrietta came on the scene and taught him how to accept that his submissive nature was perfectly normal. Over time, Alexander came to rely on Lucien for everything. But did Lucien encourage Alexander to marry Henrietta?

I haven’t decided yet. That’s what I love about writing. I make shit up as I go along. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not and I have to rewrite the scene, but it is always a dirty little tale. I’d better get back to writing The Master. The sooner I finish, the sooner I can share it with you.


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