Bring on the new year!

Hello lovely readers! Isn’t 2011 ending in a rush? The year is ending far too fast for me to keep up with. I had planned so much for the end of the year. Finish tweaking this blog, write another story, but there just isn’t time right now. The best I’ve done is publish Coming Together, add it to Kindle Prime and enroll it for a couple of free book days. There has been lots of talk about the Amazon Monopoly, mostly terror, mostly unnecessary panic. But that is how it seems to go. People resist change. Me? I like to go with the flow and if the Kindle exclusive helps me to reach readers then I’m a happy girl.

I hope those of you who have grabbed up my freebie (and other peoples) have enjoyed the read this holiday. I hope you have an excellent New Year’s Eve too! Party hard.



About vivianbliss

Vivian Bliss lives buried in quiet suburbia, writing stories of lust and love in far away England. She enjoys Nascar, Krispy Kreme’s and collects pictures of buff young men (Doesn’t everyone).

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